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Apulanta is a chart-topping Finnish rock band whose style draws from punk and alternative rock. Starting in 1996, the band hit number one on the Finnish charts practically every single year with either a hit single, album, or both. Founded in 1991 in Heinola, Finland, Apulanta is comprised of Toni Wirtanen (vocals, guitar), Simo Santapukki (drums), and Ville Mäkinen (bass). The band made its recording debut in 1993 with Mikä Ihmeen Apulanta? (1993). Following a couple more EPs the next year, Apulanta made their full-length album debut in 1995 with Attack of the A.L. People. Late in the year, the band released the Hajonnut EP (1995), whose song "Mitä Kuuluu" was a smash hit. Apulanta would henceforth hit the upper reaches of the Finnish charts with remarkable regularly. Second album Ehjä (1996) was a Top Five hit, while the ten to follow it — Kolme (1997), Singlet 1993-1997 (1998), Aivan Kuin Kaikki Muutkin (1998), Plastik (2000), Heinola 10 (2001), Syitä Ja Seurauksia — 30 Parasta (2001), Hiekka (2002), Kiila (2005), Eikä vielä ole edes ilta (2007)— were all number ones. Subsequent years brought more chart-topping albums. Apulanta also topped the singles chart with remarkable regularity, beginning with "Anna Mulle Piiskaa" in 1996. Their greatest hits are compiled on Singlet 1993-1997 (1998), Singlet 1998-2003 (2003), Singlet 2004-2009 (2010) and Syytteitä ja Selityksiä - 52 parasta (2014). Apulanta's twelft studio album 'Kunnes siitä tuli totta' was released in 9.10.2015.

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