14.-15.6.2024. x Bolt Arena, Töölö

Groove Coverage

PE 14.6.


GROOVE COVERAGE represents from 2001 on quality, worldwide success, a target audience between 15-45 years old, over 13 million records sold, 15 Top 30 chart hits in Germany and Austria, numerous music awards (2x Echo, New Faces Award, #1 Sunshine Live 10 annual voting), european TV appearances on ZDF, RTL, RTL2, SAT1, VIVA, MTV, TVP, CCTV1 etc. plus so far the only German music act #1 in China and a viewing figure of over 580 million viewers at “Wetten dass?!”. In addition to that over 3,500 DJ & Live shows (2002-2018) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, Australia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Noway, Denkmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Italy, Africa, France, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Malta, Estonia & Brazil The fact that singer Mell and DJ Novus are performing their shows every weekend in front of thousands highly excited people around the globe is also essential for the success of Groove Coverage. Almost no Dance-Act has such a close and long-lasting relationship to the fan-base since 2001.

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