14.-15.6.2024. x Bolt Arena, Töölö


PE 14.6.


What defines the ItaloBrothers music? Depending on who you’re asking, responses will vary considerably. Obviously their global success with Stamp on the Ground - Radio Edit in 2009 is still ringing in the ears of club-goers as a “Made in Germany” mega dance hit. But observant contemporaries have long been aware that the follow-up hits of the three creative masterminds from northern Germany became too powerful to be pinned down by a mere dance/club/hands-up genre definition. How else could you explain the ItaloBrothers playing gigs on both sides of the pond, from Chicago to Olso, for up to 60,000 ecstatic people who wouldn’t have otherwise found their way into a club?


Their success story continued in 2013 with This Is Nightlife - Video Edit In 2015 producer Hanno Lohse, a.k.a. Cody Island, joined the team and immediately made contributions to the song “Springfield,” a track created in collaboration with DJ and producer Martin Tungevaag. The followup, Summer Air was heavily inspired by tropical house and future bass. The piece impressively underlined the orientation towards a dance-based song format, which clearly pointed more towards pop than club music. The success of the re-release of that single in 2017 rewarded their ceaseless drive for grand slams: Top 5 in Scandinavia, Top 10 in the German-speaking countries, earned multiple platinum honors in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, went gold in Germany, and was played 150 million times on Spotify.

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