14.-15.6.2024. x Bolt Arena, Töölö


PE 14.6.


Mohombi Nzazi Moupondo, a name that resonates with both the music industry and fans worldwide, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a highly accomplished artist, producer, and songwriter, renowned for his successful career in the music industry. Mohombi has collaborated with global icons such as Quincy Jones, J Balvin, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Akon and Pitbull, and has received multiple Grammy Awards, BMI Awards, and prestigious record certifications. Mohombi has accumulated billions of views on YouTube, streams on Spotify, and millions of album sales. Additionally, he is a co-founder of the record label Mansa Music Group and co-owner of Muska, a streaming and social platform empowering artists in Africa. Mohombi’s entrepreneurial endeavours have also created over 10,000 jobs in Central Africa. With a diverse educational background and fluency in multiple languages, Mohombi continues to inspire with his talent and passion for music.

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